Does Wave G support IPv6? No (May 2021)

No. At least, not in the SF Bay Area, as of this post’s date.

The FAQ on Wave G’s website is misleading and using weasel words to get around the fact that their network in California is incomplete. After some brief investigation and phone calls, it turns out many, if not most Wave G buildings in the Bay Area do not, in fact, support IPv6.

Wave G’s “technical” support is absolutely laughable. Neither the phone support nor their “social media” support had any idea what IPv6 even is — the concept actually had to be explained to them. I’m amazed that it’s possible to do worse than Comcast at tech support, but now I’ve found it. This really does not inspire trust in their ability to diagnose and solve problems if a real ambiguous case comes up (say, intermittent packet drops or something). With Comcast, with a couple of levels of escalation (possibly involving executive customer relations), you will eventually get a senior tech who knows what they’re doing (speaking from personal experience). Wave G support was absolutely incapable of even making such an escalation.

So if your work requires connectivity to IPv6 servers, don’t be fooled by the Wave G advertising.

  • Clench your teeth and stay with Comcast XFinity (which, to its credit, has wide scale IPv6 native deployment) or
  • suffer with the deprecated 6to4 tunnels (which pops up a Google “We have detected you are using a 6to4 tunnel. 6to4 is deprecated and will be shutdown shortly.” warning every 10 web searches or so).