A list of significant software projects that I am working on (by myself or otherwise) or have completed.

Current projects

  • Super sekret. Will announce when useful.

Maintenance-mode Projects

  • SelfSolved
    • A personal/community information repository for problem-solvers. When you come across a problem, SelfSolved helps you document it, the websites you visited while searching for a solution, and the solution that you ended up using (if any). This will help yourself as you try to solve similar problems in the future, as well as others who may be having the same issue.
    • a NAT-PMP (Network Address Translation Port Mapping Protocol) library and testing client for Python
  • What’s my lat lon
    • A small tool to output the current location coordinate pair (latitude, longitude), using both browser/GPS geolocation API (if available) and IP geolocation.

Past projects

  • — I am no longer a member of the Ark team. However, best of luck to those who still fight the good fight.
  • Popcuts
    • Startup music venture based on economic incentive engine
    • A Y Combinator funded company
    • Past winner of SXSW Startup Accelerator competition, in the Music category
  • DocPreview
    • DocPreview is a lightweight WebKit browser plugin to display a text-only preview of Microsoft Word .doc documents, inline and within Safari 3.x to 5.0 on the Mac
    • DocPreview 2 is a replacement for this plugin, for Safari 8 and 9
    • DocPreview 2 source code
  • Buy Music, Make Money
    • economic incentive model and prototype system for digital music distribution
    • 2008 James R. Chen award for Outstanding Master’s Project
  • Zync (Yahoo! Research Berkeley)
    • Yahoo! Messenger add-on to enable synchronized music and video sharing
    • Built into Yahoo! Messenger 9 beta and above. Multiple peer-reviewed publications arising from data analysis.
  • Perspectives (Yahoo! Research Berkeley)
    • Citizen-journalism web services/application handled upload, processing, and aggregation of geo-tagged video from personal cellphones. Associated user-generated videos with news video from CNN around particular locations.
    • Voted as one of the top 10 hacks at Yahoo! Internal Hack Day (Summer 2007).

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