MenuMeters integer overflow in memory stats

MenuMeters is a very cool, free (as in freedom) system monitoring tool for OS X that sits in the menu bar and shows you live statistics, including such values as current bandwidth usage, current network activity, memory usage, page faults, etc.

One thing that has been irritating me lately is that there’s a cosmetic error MenuMeters 1.3 that causes negative values to appear in the VM Statistics section of the memory stats display. For example, the page faults value can roll over INT_MAX to report -1,800,000 page faults, when I’ve used the same OS X session for a long time without rebooting.

Since MenuMeters is GPL’ed, a quick lookthrough at its codebase reveals the problem. The details of this problem and solution is currently documented as #32 MenuMeters Memory Meter reports negative page faults at SelfSolved, a new web application I’ve written to keep track of these things.

More details to follow.

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