CVS, Cygwin, and error code 0xc0000022

In short, if your project crashes at library load time after a round trip through CVS, you might want check your NTFS execute permissions on the DLLs that the project depends on. Also, if your application mysteriously blows up with error code 0xc0000022, you’d do well to make sure that:

  • all DLLs that your program depends on are valid and locateable.
  • Check all its DLL dependencies for permission problems. As in, permissions on the DLLs that your program depends on should be set to be executable for your user.

In one of my Windows projects, I wrote some code that relied a number of DLLs. To save myself sometime, I compiled these DLLs and checked in the compiled binaries into the CVS repository.

On another machine, I checked out the project via the cvs utility, under Cygwin, to work on it. As a Unix-y kind of guy, I prefer the tools that I’m used to. Everything compiled fine, but at runtime the application crashes before it gets to main(). ” The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000022) … ” After some dependency tracking to find out if I lost a DLL somewhere, first via Dependency Walker, then via gflags, nothing unusual turned up.

Then I noticed that replacing the checked out libraries with fresh copies of the same DLLs fixed the issue. The problem was that upon checking md5 sum against the old and new libraries, they were exactly the same. There was no damage or corruption.

Turns out, of course, that Execute permissions were off on all those DLLs that I checked out. Apparently Cygwin’s cvs does not set execute bits on DLL files, and since you’re usually using ntsec settings with Cygwin, this causes a security/permissions problem on the Windows side. As a result, the project compiles just fine, fails at runtime, and gives you a completely obtuse error message that means very little unless you’ve done this sort of thing before. Cygwin and cvs’s role in this was also not a very obvious thing to deduce.

Two hours of my life, right there.

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  1. Thanks! thats was my problem, i had just added in a .dll file, and didn’t think to check the security permissions for it!

    just had to make sure execute was checked!

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